Mark Metcalfe

Mark Metcalfe is an artist, writer and tutor living and working in London. Since 2015 to the present he has worked at Science LTD as a painter in Damien Hirst’s London Studio.

Finn Layland-Stratfield
  • AGE WHEN MISSING: 17 years old
  • AS TOLD BY: Bek Stratfield, Finn's mother

This is one of my favourite photographs of my son Finn. It was taken when he had just turned 17. For me, when I look at this photograph it so portrays the person that Finn is, a deep thinking, caring & intelligent young man with a  bright, beautiful young mind, & I, & everyone that knows Finn miss him so much. Finn’s passion was riding his motorbike & he covered thousands of miles on it, he just loved the freedom. I miss hearing him pull up outside of my house on it to this day, & I miss many, many other things. Finn, you are always in our hearts & minds.

Finn Layland-Stratfield Finn Layland-Stratfield