Richard Colson

President of the London Sketch Club and graduate of Goldsmiths’ College, Richard Colson is a fine artist and oil painter. His critically acclaimed work has seen him awarded with the prestigious Daler-Rowney Prize in 1992, as well as the Fresh Paint First Prize in 2017.

Sybil Appelquist (nee Hornby)
  • AGE WHEN MISSING: 40 years old
  • AS TOLD BY: Anthony Hornby, Sybil's brother

This photograph is taken around Christmas time. As Christmas was her favourite time of year, it’s always my happiest time to remember her. She was a loving, kind and caring person. Always willing to help friends and family when needed. Sybil is in our thoughts today and always will be.

Sybil Appelquist (nee Hornby) Sybil Appelquist (nee Hornby)