Thomas Lumley

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Thomas Lumley is a past winner of the Prince of Wales Drawing School Prize. A graduate of Charles H Cecil Studios in Florence, Thomas enjoys focusing on abandoned interiors and landscapes in his art, as well as colourful and sensitive portraiture.

Lana Purcell
  • AGE WHEN MISSING: 26 years old
  • AS TOLD BY: John Purcell, Lana's father

This photo reminds of happier times when Lana loved life to the full. She was honest, very family orientated, loved her daughter Megan and was a very happy go lucky girl. Lana would do anything to help you and had a heart of gold. She is my youngest daughter and was very close to her brothers and sisters. And I pray for the day that I see her smiling face again.

Lana Purcell Lana Purcell