Tim Gatenby 2.0


Timothy Gatenby is a British artist whose work focuses on the subjects of nostalgia, dreams and memory. Working predominantly in oil paint there is a certain reverence to classical painting acknowledged in Gatenby’s work but evidently subverted.

Neil Nortrop
  • AGE WHEN MISSING: 32 years old
  • AS TOLD BY: Pam Nortrop, Neil's mother

This photo of my son Neil, shows him as he is. It was taken in Thailand, where he also loves the beach and the sea. He is a body-builder and he trained as a boxer and Thai boxing. He is always smiling and joking and as his friends always tell me, he is missed so much by everybody and he always kept them happy. I have this photo in every room in my house, and also in a locket that I wear around my neck.

Neil Nortrop Neil Nortrop